Fund 12 Proposals


What we Stand for

At SIDAN Lab, our principles guide our projects and initiatives, reflecting our commitment to shaping a future where blockchain technology is accessible, powerful, and transformative

#1 Innovation in Blockchain Technology

At the heart of SIDAN Lab is a commitment to pioneering advanced solutions within the Cardano ecosystem. We believe in pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology to unlock new potentials

#2 Community Driven Development

We emphasize community engagement and collaboration. Our projects are designed not just for the Cardano ecosystem but with its vibrant community in mind, ensuring inclusivity and widespread benefits

#3 Open Source Contribution

True to the spirit of blockchain, we advocate for open-source development. Sharing our innovations and tools openly fuels collective progress in the Cardano community

SIDAN Labs at Catalyst

Welcome to SIDAN Lab Fund 11 Proposals! Committed to advancing the Cardano ecosystem, we offer a diverse range of impactful projects, from High-Frequency Trading gateways to Rust libraries, and initiatives to nurture a thriving Hong Kong Cardano developer community

Our Proposals in Fund 12

Rust SDK for Cardano DApps

SIDAN | Mesh - Advance Cardano SDK in Rust

Develops a user-friendly SDK in Rust for Cardano, enhancing DApp development efficiency and accessibility by building on previous research to create a developer-ready backend

High-Frequency Trading on Cardano

DeltaDeFi - Enabling High-Frequency Trading on Cardano

Continues development from Fund 11 to support a non-custodial protocol facilitating high-frequency trading on Cardano, improving liquidity and trading volume through off-chain order matching and on-chain settlements

Open Source Library for Cardano Trading

DeltaDeFi - Open Source Library

Aims to simplify trading on Cardano by developing an open-source library that removes the need for in-depth Cardano knowledge, fostering adoption of high-frequency trading (HFT) on Cardano DeFi platforms

Building Community

Cardano Hong Kong Community

Hosting events in Hong Kong to increase institutional awareness of Cardano, providing a platform for the Cardano community in Asia to showcase their protocols and foster engagement

Framework for DApp Development

SIDAN | MeshJS - Cardano Service Layer Framework for DApps

Researches and develops a framework for quickly setting up a Cardano Service Layer for DApps, enabling reuse of infrastructure and customization of protocol parameters to streamline DApp development

Cardano Integration Simplification

Mesh Software as a Service

Provides hosted server instances for wallet and transaction builders via RESTful APIs, enabling seamless Cardano blockchain integration for various technology stacks and systems

Fund 11 Progress & more

What we have built so far.

We have been successfully funded in Project Catalyst Fund 11 and our proposal execution is in good progress. Thanks for everyone who voted for us in Fund 11. Besides the proposals, SIDAN Lab has successfully executed numerous projects within the Cardano ecosystem, from end-to-end decentralized application development and open-source infrastructure contributions to organising in-person events for the growing Hong Kong Cardano Community. Our commitment remains steadfast in consistently enriching and advancing the Cardano ecosystem through ongoing contributions

High Frequency Trading Gateway

DeFi Evolution: Pioneering High-Frequency Trading on Cardano

Research and ideation on a general HFT Framework for the Cardano Blockchain to enable initial foundational groundwork for later development

Cardano Rust Infrastructure

Rust library for easy off-chain transaction building

Implement a cardano-cli like wrapper on cardano-serialization-lib (equivalent on MeshJS’s lower level APIs), supporting serious DApps’ backend on rust codebase.

Partner - Cardano Open Source

Aiken Open Source Smart Contract Library by MeshJS and TrustLevel

Create a collection of open source smart contracts with Aiken (including tx builders) and integrate them into the Mesh Github library - open and accessible to all

Cardano Hong Kong Community

SIDAN | Waffle - Hong Kong Cardano Community

Hosting a series of events, both technical and non-technical in Hong Kong to spin up the community, enhancing ecosystem engagement and exposure.

Cardano Hong Kong Developer

Gimbalabs | Genius X - Hong Kong Cardano Developer Series

Deliver a developer series, including workshops, bootcamps, seminars, hackathon in Collaboration with Gimbalabs & Andamio with further incubation support from Genius X.

Cardano Web 3 Identity

Cardano Name Service (CNS)

CNS is a domain name service built on the Cardano network, facilitating the registration and management of domain names ending with the .ada suffix. SIDAN Lab develops and delivers CNS with newly developed data architecture and fully decentralized minting registry technology.

Cardano Offchain Code

Mesh Lower Level APIs

SIDAN Lab delivers a critical feature update to the Cardano open source SDK - Meshjs. It enables fine-grinded transaction building, making Mesh SDK to be more complete and usable for a wider range of users.

Cardano Full Stack Development

Various Cardano Developing Toolings

In the process of delivering several products, SIDAN Lab generalizes know-how as several developing templates, ranging from frontend, backend to smart contracts. Selflessly sharing assets to the community.

Who We Are

SIDAN Lab is a technology solutions provider specialized in Cardano DApp development and full-stack web development. We have assembled a Interdisciplinary team from different areas and backgrounds building a overall all-stars team on all things Cardano Dev Stacks and traditional financial and tech industries.

Jackal Leung

Seasoned Software Engineer with 5+ years in full-stack development, specializing in high-frequency system architecture and infrastructure at Welab bank, Hong Kong. Expert in optimizing system efficiency and crafting end-to-end software solutions

Kinson Cheung

Head of Incubation at Adaverse, excels in product marketing leadership, combining technical innovation with market strategies. Has a robust network within the UK's institutional trading, facilitating valuable connections and solution design discussions

Anson Chui

Experienced Cybersecurity Engineer with roles at Huobi, Hex Trust, Deloitte. Focuses on system hardening and resilience, holding CISSP, CISA, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect certifications. Expert in security controls and system integrity

Neal Lam

Versatile UI/UX & Media Designer at Livi bank, renowned for digital and virtual banking designs. Notable as animation designer for prominent Hong Kong Top 5 KOL. Specializes in branding and diverse design domains, demonstrating a broad skill set

Hinson Wong

CFA and Smart Contract Engineer with significant contributions at Gimbalabs and MeshJS. Lead Developer at CNS, renowned for expertise in HFT and building deep industry connections. A versatile professional in the financial technology sector

Friends & Partners

We established friendships and partnerships with various organizations to enhance our initiatives and reach within the Cardano ecosystem and the wider Blockchain and financial Industry

Questions ?

Use our Sidan Lab Fund 11 GPT which will answer any questions you may have about our Proposals in Project Catalyst Fund 12